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Plumber Install A Neutralizer In Your System

The reliable operation of your home’s water system is highly dependent on the installed components and regular maintenance by a trustworthy plumber. The basic components, such as faucets, pipes, and tankless water heaters, are insufficient to have a consistent and uninterrupted water flow in your home. It would help if you took it further and had gadgets to ensure this continuous supply stays the same. In addition, you also need a reliable water professional to not only install the gadgets but also to maintain your water line regularly. After getting a tankless water heater, the next fundamental device to have installed in your home is the neutralizer. This article will help you understand what a neutralizer is, its operation, and, most importantly, the advantages and disadvantages of having it installed in your home.

What is a Neutralizer?

A neutralizer is a round container filled with small rocks, usually found in a tankless water heater. When the tankless water heater system condenses, acidic water is released from the unit. The acidic water goes through the neutralizer, which raises the PH level of the water to make it balanced again. Consequently, you receive PH-balanced water in your plumbing system; thus, it does not harm your drain or sewer system.

Therefore, the lack of a neutralizer in your home, especially when you have a tankless water heater, will expose your plumbing system to the danger of corrosion by acidic water. Without a neutralizer, you will likely notice a green or blue build-up on your system. The other sign is if your water kills the plants and vegetation outside. Therefore, to avoid these effects, it is advisable to have a professional plumber install a neutralizer in your system. Notably, it is a requirement by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to have a neutralizer.

How Does a Neutralizer Operate?

Before understanding how a neutralizer works, it is essential to note that it is usually found on tankless water heaters with a condensation line. Consequently, when the water goes through the tankless water heater, it comes out of the unit with an acidic PH level. However, if the system has a neutralizer, the water goes through the neutralizer after coming out of the tankless water heater. The water is neutralized from an acid PH level to the safer normal PH level.

During the condensation process in the tankless water heater, the vapor cools and turns into a liquid called condensate. The condensate then leaves the tankless water heater system and gets into the canister system, neutralizer, where it travels through the inbuild gravel rocks in the neutralizer. Consequently, the output water is safe due to the neutralization of the acidic components.

Therefore, the main purpose of a neutralizer is to remove the acidic components of water after it has gone through the tankless water heater. Therefore, if you do not have a neutralizer in your home, the water will affect your plumbing lines and sewer system over time. In addition, you should prevent the members of your household from consuming the discolored water.

In most cases, homeowners tend to confuse the neutralizer with the filter. However, these are two different devices that serve entirely different purposes. On the one hand, a neutralizer removes the acidic components in the condensate from a tankless water heater. In contrast, a filter removes contaminants in water and hard water. However, it is important to note that both devices are essential for your house and should be installed by a qualified plumber.

What are the Benefits of a Neutralizer?

The dominant question for most homeowners is, do I need a neutralizer? Apart from it being a requirement by EPA, below are some benefits of installing a neutralizer in your home.


Conserves The Environment

One of the significant advantages of a neutralizer is the conservation of the environment. When you use a neutralizer in your home, the output water is safe for the plants and the environment. On the other hand, water that has not been neutralized poses a great danger to the environment and dries up plants.

Protects Your Sewer System

Using a neutralizer in your home goes a long way to protect your sewer line and preserve its life span. When water is not neutralized, its acidic nature corrodes your drains and sewer system. Over time, the drains and sewer system will start to leak and necessitate a system change. This will, in turn, dig into your pocket, causing unnecessary spending.


Prevents the Formation of Green Algae

Without a neutralizer, you might have to deal with green algae sooner rather than later. The green algae forms on the ground from condensation drips emanating from your tankless water heater. Because it is considerably slippery, the algae are potentially dangerous for you and your family as they might bring about falls.

Protects the Heater from Wear & Tear

Without a neutralizer, that acidic water which moves through the plumbing system could corrode the pipes, causing serious damage to the sewer or drains.

The Cost to Consider

When installing a new gadget in your home, planning is always advisable. This will help you to come up with a budget. Notably, different types are available in the market, which is also an essential factor to consider. Therefore, before committing to a particular type, it is necessary to consult a plumber on the best type for your home. The professional will also guide you on the best places to find the neutralizers and the prices for each. When considering the cost implications, you should remember the purchase and labor costs of installation. You should also put aside additional parts needed to facilitate a proper installation. It is best to consult a professional company to know all the components needed for installation.

Do you want a neutralizer installed for your tankless water heater? Contact us at True Blue Plumbing today.

Finding An Expert Plumber

Plumbing issues are common household problems and must be sorted out as early as possible. A reliable plumbing service provider can help you avoid costly repairs and prevent further damage to your home. Additionally, having a trustworthy plumber can give you peace of mind knowing that your plumbing system is in good hands. You must make various considerations when looking for a reliable plumbing service provider.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plumbing Professional

Several companies offer plumbing services. These companies may differ in minor aspects, but to choose the right one, consider the following:

Recommendations from Family and Friends

Recommendations from family and friends can play a huge role in helping you find the right plumbing company. People with positive experiences with certain companies will most likely recommend them. This saves you from the risk of trial and error. True Blue Plumbing Services has a good reputation and is highly recommended for its quality plumbing services.

Plumbing Experience

Experience plays an essential role in the skill set of a professional. Research online to evaluate the experience of different companies in various situations to determine their proficiency in handling plumbing problems. This saves you from hiring an incompetent plumber who may face challenges when sorting out your plumbing issues. True Blue Plumbing Services has experienced professionals in the industry for several years and has handled various plumbing projects. This makes them highly skilled and proficient in service delivery.


Plumbing charges may vary depending on the quality of services offered. The location also impacts the transportation cost of equipment and personnel. You need to contact several companies to determine their prices and the kind of services they offer. Use the estimates to determine the fair market value of plumbing services to avoid being overcharged. Choose a local company to reduce the transport cost and other related expenses.

Online Reviews and Ratings

Several review-based websites collect consumer reviews, allowing you to read what others have experienced. Pay attention to the things people mention regarding a company’s services. A company may have negative and positive reviews, but if the positive side is more dominant, the company should be a good fit. True Blue Plumbing Services is known for high-quality plumbing services and has a high rating from previous customers.


It’s essential to determine if the professional will carry out their work efficiently. Some companies may promise more than they can deliver, but others are honest about their ability to perform a task and what they can do for you. It’s convenient to work with a company that follows schedules to ensure projects are completed on time. True professionals rely on their experience to gather the necessary equipment before beginning a job.

Service Contracts and Warranties

Some companies offer service contracts and warranties, but it’s essential to choose those that are reliable but also affordable and convenient. Most plumbing companies provide at least one of the three and will offer additional money-saving benefits when you wait for fixes that will take time. Warranties give an assurance that the plumbing service provider offers quality services.

Insurance and Liability Coverage

Insurance and liability coverage is essential in case something goes wrong. This will help protect you and the service provider from unforeseen damages during the repair. If the professional causes more damage to your system, the insurance should be able to cover the additional expenses, thus saving you money and resources.

Availability and Response Time

It’s essential to hire a company with a quick response time so that you can get service for an emergency as quickly as possible. You can ask whether a company offers emergency services and how fast they respond. Plumbing emergencies may occur at any time; therefore, you need to have a company that has plans to cater to emergencies.

Safety Measures

Plumbing may be quite dangerous, and professionals need to keep a safe work environment while completing their job. This includes wearing the appropriate work clothing and shoes and using safety tools like drop cloths and ladders when needed. A plumber may be exposed to hazardous substances such as Sulphur dioxide, sewage, and solvents on job sites. You should also choose a company with safety measures when working near a power source. Flammables, electricity, and water do not mix and may cause hazards to you and your family. True Blue Plumbing Services professionals follow safety standards to ensure clients and their workers are not exposed to dangers during the plumbing process.

Why You Need Expert Plumbing Services

Finding an expert to design your project is critical if you’re considering having a new bathroom or even a complete kitchen and bath remodel. You need to find an expert to ensure your remodeling project goes smoothly and quickly. The wrong plumbing contractor could slow down your project or even cause it to fail. Here are three key reasons why you should hire an expert plumbing contractor:

No Hidden Fees

Professionals will only charge you for services related to your plumbing issue. This means there will be no hidden fees. You always want to be paying for services provided, and it’s always critical to know exactly how much a project will cost from the beginning.

No Extra Time

When you hire an expert, they know exactly what needs to be done. No extra trips and follow-ups are necessary, as is often the case with inexperienced homeowners using inferior methods to complete their work because they don’t know what else to do. No one is going to charge you for trips to your house. It’s all on the scope of work.

Higher Quality Work

The goal of an expert plumber is high-quality work. The methods and materials are more up-to-date, and value is added to your home. When all is said and done, you’ll save money on bills, because emergency calls won’t be needed in the middle of the night.

For quality plumbing services our company, True Blue Plumbing Services, is an excellent choice. We have highly experienced employees and various types of plumbing equipment. We offer a wide range of plumbing services. For more information, call us today.

What Are The Cash-Saving Advantages Of Flow-Tech? Advice From Your Plumbing Service Provider

Most homes in the United States have hard water as their primary water supply. Unfortunately, hard water has many disadvantages than advantages when using it in a home step-up. For example, hard water does not quickly lather due to its nature, leading to excessive detergent usage when cleaning. In contrast, it causes scales that, over time, build up to clog your pipes, leading to the constant need for plumbing service. To top it off, these scales can also cause damage to your skin and hair. The ranking will cause havoc in your plumbing system and drains. However, worry not because there is a solution. The most common way to contract the effects of hard water is through water softeners. Notably, using water softeners leaves a slick feeling in the water, which some homeowners dislike. So, which is the best solution when you do not want hard water for daily use, and the water softeners are not your ideal solution? Consider using a water softener alternative, a flow-tech water conditioner.

What is Flow-Tech?

Flow-Tech is an anti-scale device installed in your home by a professional. This device works with traditional water heaters and tankless water heaters. Since the water supply is made hard by its minerals, flow-tech uses a low-level frequency to make them stick to each other temporarily instead of sticking to the pipes in your drain or body. Once the minerals stick together, they are washed down the drain as a water unit.

What Does Flow-Tech Do?

In the explanation, Flow-Tech is a simple process that only does a little for you. But what does this technology mean for your home? Is it worth getting a professional to install it for you? Therefore, to simplify it, Flow-Tech:

Breaks Up the Previous Build-up

If you have been using the supply water in your home without any form of softener, then the chances are you either have had to call in a plumbing service provider to clear off the scale build-up several times or the build-up has not gotten worse yet, but it is still gathering in your drain pipes. One of the important and notable things that Flow-Tech does for you is that it eliminates the previous scale build-up once installed. Therefore, you do not need to hire a professional pipe cleaner before installing it. Due to its technology, the build-up is attracted to the already flowing water, and it washes down with it.

Prevents Calcium Build-up

As outlined, the most significant factor of getting Flow-Tech for your home is preventing future calcium build-up in your pipes. The device’s anti-scaling abilities keep calcium from accumulating in your pipes and any other mineral found in hard water. Therefore, adding this technology to your home preserves the lifespan of your drainage pipes.

Notably, this advantage extends to your appliances. When using hard water in your home, the scales will also build into the pipes of your appliances, such as washing machines and fridges. The formation of scales compromises the appliance’s efficiency and, thus, its operation. In turn, this affects the lifespan of the appliances due to the many unnecessary repairs. However, when using the Flow-Tech device, the technology prevents scale formation, preventing unnecessary repairs and promoting more efficiency and a longer life span.

Works Without Removing Anything from the Water

The success of most water softening procedures usually relies on removing the components making the water hard. Therefore, in most cases, these procedures eliminate the minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which occur naturally in the water. These minerals possess qualities that are advantageous to you. For instance, removing magnesium and calcium causes a greasy feeling in the water.

Works Without Adding Anything to Your Supply Water

On the other hand, the technology in Flow-Tech water conditioners does not add anything to your water supply. Therefore, contaminants or chemicals in your water usage are not risky. This guarantees safety for you and your entire family. In addition, if a member of your household has sensitive skin, you are assured that the water will not harm them since there is no salt or chemical addition. Thus, this method protects not only your appliances, drain pipes, and plumbing system but also the people in your home. Therefore, consult a qualified plumbing service provider on the best fit for your home.

How Does Flow-Tech Save Me Cash?

Tech-Flow’s ability to save money is one of the most significant and outstanding advantages. However, you can only enjoy this advantage by using a skilled plumbing servicetechnician with prior knowledge of how to do it properly. But the lingering question remains, how does Flow-Tech save you money? It can save you money since it:

Extend the Lifespan of Your Household Items

As outlined earlier, Tech-Flow plays a massive role in extending the lifespan of your plumbing system and the appliances in your home. When in use, the device eliminates the capability of hard water forming scales in the surfaces it comes in contact with, be it the appliances or the drainage system. Due to this elimination, the unnecessary breakdown of machines due to reduced efficiency is eliminated. Therefore, there is no need for unnecessary repairs, thus saving you some money.

Reduces Cleaning Time and Expenses

The use of Flow-Tech in your home makes your usage water easy to lather. Therefore, this eliminates the formation of scum, making the cleaning process easier and faster. In addition, the easy-to-lather water will use less detergent and water to clean surfaces. Consequently, your monthly water bill will reduce considerably, as will the amount used to purchase detergent.

Ensure You Have Quality Water by Installing a Flow-Tech Anti-Scale Device

The smooth operation of your home is highly dependent on the quality of the water supply. Therefore, installing the best systems, such as the flow-tech water conditioner, is advisable. Contact us at True Blue Plumbing Services today for any queries or services.

Factors That Determine How Often You Should Call A Plumber To Clean Faucet Aerator

Your faucet aerator is an essential component of your kitchen and bathroom sink. The small piece attached to the faucet’s end helps regulate the water flow and mix it with air to prevent drops and splashes. Due to its small size, many people often overlook the importance of cleaning and maintaining the aerator, which can reduce water pressure and bacteria buildup. Therefore, cleaning your aerator regularly is crucial, but how often should you do it? In this blog, we’ll explore the factors determining how often you should call a plumber to clean your faucet aerator.

Water Quality

Water quality is one of the primary factors determining how often you should clean your faucet aerator. This is because water quality can influence the buildup of minerals and sediments that accumulate over time and eventually clog the aerator. Depending on the specific minerals in your water, you may have to clean your faucet aerator more frequently or less as the buildup accumulates more rapidly or slowly. For example, if you have hard water, the buildup will be more frequent and require regular cleaning. Meanwhile, if you have soft water, you may be able to wait longer before cleaning your aerator. However, soft water may lead to algae or mold growth, so it’s important to regularly inspect the aerator for signs of buildup.

Frequency of Use

Another factor that determines how often you should clean your faucet aerator is the frequency of use. Simply put, the more frequently you use your faucet, the more frequently you should call a plumber to clean the aerator. This is because frequent use increases the likelihood of sediment and other debris accumulating in the aerator, which can clog it and affect water quality. So if you use your faucet regularly, include cleaning its aerator in your routine maintenance activities to ensure clean and safe drinking water.


If your faucet is installed in an area with a lot of construction, renovation, or landscaping, you may need to clean your faucet aerator more frequently. Dust, debris, and other contaminants can easily accumulate in the faucet aerator and reduce water pressure. If your faucet is located in an area with high foot traffic or close to the outdoors, then you should clean your faucet aerator at least once a month. The same applies if you have pets or children who use the faucet frequently.

The Quality of Cleaning

The quality of cleaning plays a crucial role in determining how often you should clean your faucet aerator. If you use subpar cleaning techniques and products, you may have to clean the aerator more frequently than necessary, as residues and mineral deposits will accumulate quickly. On the other hand, if you use high-quality cleaning agents and proper cleaning procedures, you can maintain a clean aerator for a longer time, reducing the frequency of cleaning. You should hire a professional plumber to ensure your faucet aerator is properly cleaned and maintained. They will use the right cleaning agents and techniques to remove debris and contaminants without damaging the aerator.

The Quality of the Aerator

The quality of a faucet aerator plays a significant role in determining how often you should clean it. A high-quality aerator will typically last longer and withstand the buildup of mineral deposits and other debris, meaning you won’t have to clean it as frequently. On the other hand, a lower-quality aerator may require more frequent cleanings due to its inability to prevent mineral buildup. Therefore, investing in a quality aerator is essential to ensure your faucet remains clean and functional without the hassle of constant cleanings. When buying a faucet aerator, consult a plumbing professional to ensure you get the best one for your needs.

Type of Faucet Aerator

The type of aerator used in a faucet can also affect how often it needs to be cleaned for optimal functionality and cleanliness. Aerator screens, for example, can accumulate buildup faster than some of their counterparts. If you have a faucet with a screen aerator, it’s important to check it regularly – perhaps every few weeks – to ensure it’s clear of debris and buildup that could impact water flow. In contrast, due to its design, a laminar flow aerator may require less frequent cleaning. Regardless of your aerator type, regular cleaning is important for keeping your water flowing smoothly and efficiently.

Presence of Filters

Filters in your faucet aerator also play a crucial role in determining how often you should clean it. The more filters your aerator has, the more frequently it will need cleaning. These filters trap sediment, dirt, and other particles, clogging the aerator and restricting water flow. A clogged aerator affects water pressure and causes water to splash in multiple directions due to the accumulation of mineral buildup. Regular cleaning of your faucet aerator ensures consistent water flow and helps prevent unwanted water spurts in different directions. Don’t wait until your faucet is practically spitting water out; make it a priority to clean your aerator regularly.

Cleaning your faucet aerator is an essential maintenance task that can help prolong the life of your faucet and improve water pressure. How often you need to clean your faucet aerator will depend on several factors, including water quality, frequency of use, location, and type of use. Make sure to prioritize cleaning your faucet aerator regularly, and if you encounter any issues with your faucet, calling a plumber for a quick clean could be the solution. Cleaning your faucet aerator every few months will ensure good water flow and an efficient faucet system.

Call Us for Help!

If you need assistance cleaning your faucet aerator, don’t hesitate to call us at True Blue Plumbing Services for help. Our professional technicians have the knowledge and experience to clean, maintain, and replace faucet aerators. We also offer a wide range of plumbing services to ensure your plumbing system runs smoothly and efficiently. Contact us now.

A Simple Guide For Finding A Good Professional Plumbing Service Provider

Whether your plumbing system has broken down and you would like to get it repaired or you would like to install a new plumbing system or fixture, it is important for you as a homeowner to fight any temptation to do it on your own. This is because DIY plumbing solutions can lead to several serious problems. For instance, trying to fix a leaking pipe on your own could worsen the situation and force you to pay more for professional plumbing repairs. Besides, some plumbing assignments involve the risk of accidents, meaning that they would leave you and your family hurt. Therefore, if you do not have a professional plumbing service you can call in the event of a plumbing problem in your house, you need to find one. Unfortunately, although there could be a lot of plumbing contractors near you, choosing a good one is never easy. This is because a good number of them may not be competent and reliable enough to be trusted with something as valuable as your plumbing system. Here are the steps you can follow to increase your odds of finding a reliable plumber near you.

Have a Compressive List of Local Plumbers?

If you are new in town or it is your first time hiring a plumbing contractor, the most reasonable thing to start with is to familiarize yourself with the plumbers you can potentially hire. To this end, you can take your computer or smartphone and search for plumbers near you. Furthermore, you can also ask your friends and acquaintances to refer you to the plumbing contractors they know. This way, you will end up with a list of local plumbers you can potentially hire. However, you have to be careful not to trust a plumbing service provider simply because you have been referred to them by a person you trust. As such, you will need to find more information about each plumbing company on your list to make an informed and objective choice.

Check If They are Licensed and Insured

The plumbing industry is regulated by local authorities to protect consumers from substandard services that could cause them to lose money and even put their buildings and families in danger. In most cases, plumbers are required to undergo years of training and acquire some experience before they can be allowed to offer professional plumbing services. It is only after acquiring the necessary skills that plumbers qualify to receive licenses that allow them to offer their services legally. Therefore, although not every licensed plumber is trustworthy, every good plumber must be licensed.

It is also important to note that plumbing jobs are quite risky, and therefore, plumbers are required to be insured. If you hire an uninsured plumber, you might get held financially liable should they get injured while working in your house. On the other hand, if your plumbing contractor is insured, you will not have to worry about the financial burden of the injuries they might sustain since their insurance will cover them. Therefore, before you can settle for a given plumbing contractor, you need to ascertain if they are duly licensed and insured.

Check Their Experience and Credibility

Since plumbing is quite a technical field, plumbers seem to be better at their work with experience. Therefore, the more experienced a plumber is, the more competent they are likely to be. However, experience alone is not enough. Indeed, even if a plumber has been around for many years, you need to find out what other people have to say about them. To this end, you can visit online customer review sites like Yelp to read customer reviews. Of course, it will be hard to find a plumbing company that has not received any critical reviews. But if the company you are considering has so many negative reviews that its overall rating is below average, you should not trust it with your plumbing system since it might also leave you disappointed. In a nutshell, before you can settle for a particular plumbing contractor, you have to ensure that they have more than a few years of experience and that they have been serving other people diligently.

Check Their Availability

Of course, you cannot predict when you will need the services of a plumbing repair expert. This is because plumbing problems can strike at any time without any warning. Unfortunately, most plumbing issues you might run into will need to be addressed urgently. Therefore, a good plumbing contractor should always be available. In other words, they should be offering 24/7 emergency services. As such, before you can decide to hire a given plumbing service provider, you need to ascertain if they are always available. If they are not, you should continue searching.

Ask If They Offer Warranties

No matter how good and popular a plumbing company might be, you cannot be certain that it will decisively address your plumbing issue. This is because human beings can make mistakes and fail to meet your expectations. Therefore, even a good plumbing company can fail you and cause you to lose money. The good news is that good plumbing companies protect their clients against such risks by offering them warranties for the services offered. With a warranty, you will be able to hold your plumbing company accountable should it fail to resolve your plumbing issue decisively, forcing you to get the job redone within a short time. Therefore, before you can decide to settle for a given plumber, you need to ask if you will get a warranty. If the answer is negative, you should not accept to trust them with your plumbing system and money.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a dependable plumbing contractor near you, True Blue Plumbing Services is an excellent choice. Feel free to get in touch with True Blue Plumbing Services for more information about our company and the services we are best known for.

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