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Protect Your Plumbing From Freezing Temperatures

Freezing conditions are a big concern when it comes to burst pipes in the winter months. Here are some quick reminders of ways we can eliminate future plumbing problems that freezing conditions can cause.

Locate Your Shut-Off Valve

Number one is to locate all of your shut-off valves in the home. Mark those shut-off valves to what they serve. For example, possible labels may include main water, shut off valve, outdoor water, and faucet.

Shut Off Any External Outside Faucets

Shut off any external outside faucets and drain any excess water.

Schedule A Home Plumbing Inspection

Receiving a home inspection from our company would be a good option to see if we can determine any vulnerabilities with pipes being exposed to freezing temperatures, such as in the garage or basement area.

Leave A Few Faucets Dripping During Cold Temperatures

Leaving a few faucets, dripping, during cold nights is definitely helpful. Movement of the water can eliminate static pressure, which is a major cause for frozen and burst pipes. When pipes are static for long periods of time, it is best to run water to create some movement and energy moving through the pipes.

Turn Off The Entire Home When Traveling in Cold Weather

If you are going to be traveling during cold times, it is best to turn off the entire home and drain any excess water through a faucet and make sure you turn that faucet back off once the water has drained out.

Use The Buddy System

If you were going to be traveling or leaving for a long period of time during a cold snap, speak with your neighbors. Make sure you guys know where the water meter is in the front yard and exercise it properly in case of an emergency. Have whatever tool or pliers are necessary on-hand in case you need them to successfully turn off the water meter. Practice this a few times not only with your home but also with your neighbors. Believe it or not, a lot of disasters over this recent cold snap were eliminated by a neighbor, running over and closing the other neighbor’s water, especially when the people were traveling. We’ve gotten many calls from neighbors saying hey, my neighbor’s water has just burst, and they entrusted me to contact you to get this repaired. I was able to mitigate the risk and damage by turning off their water.

Always Hire An Experienced, Well-Trained Plumber

As always, if you need to speak to a trained professional, feel free to call True Blue Plumbing services. We can set up a consultation to review your pipes and make sure you are in the best position possible to eliminate future damage from freezing pipes. The True Blue Plumbing team is always here to help.

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